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To educate a child, you need affection

To educate a child, you need affection
For exactly 29 years Américo Nhalungo has dedicated most of his time to education, reintegration, and living with orphans and vulnerable children at the Children's Town in the Costa do Sol neighborhood in Maputo City. He and his team simultaneously occupy the place of father, mother, sibling, and other kinship degrees of these children.
"Our day-to-day is dealing with children coming from different places and personalities, which has been a challenge, but when you have affection, everything becomes easier and very soon the child acquires a new identity and starts living equally with everyone around him. When they arrive at our boarding school they carry with them different behaviors resulting from their previous experiences and, therefore, it is our responsibility to find ways to adapt them to the reality of the center, so that they learn everything that is peculiar to them in the sense of developing a new personality.
"The age imbalance among the children has made their integration difficult, since some are more violent, disobedient and resistant to the established rules.

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