Case stories


A displaced woman improves her life through savings


Meet Age António, a 26-year-old woman from the Chiure district, married and the mother of four children. Her family are internally displaced people in Cabo Delgado. She found shelter in Metuge, where she joined the producers' club set up by the USAID-funded RCD-ADPP project.

Age RCD‘I joined the producers’ club in 2021, when the project started. Initially, we spent all our time farming. Then they introduced the savings component, and we were encouraged to join,’ says Age. ‘It was through a loan that my husband and I started the business selling sieves and other household materials. Right from the start, the business proved promising, allowing us to pay off the loan quickly and continue on the basis of the profits made,’ she adds with a smile.

Today, Age and her family's lives have changed for the better. They have managed to build their own house on the land offered by the government and have acquired the land they are cultivating. In addition, their children have returned to school.

Age's story is marked by continuous success. At the end of another savings cycle, she managed to save 3,000 meticais. This amount will be reinvested in her business, allowing her to expand further and acquire more land to grow vegetables.


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