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Learning to paint has always been my dream 

Learning to paint has always been my dream 
José Maria is a 14 year old teenager with great talent in painting. Coming from the Hulene neighborhood in Maputo City, he has been living separated from his mother for three years due to the lack of conditions for his support.  
"I knew my father very little, after he abandoned us, my mother became a water seller in the market of Xiquelene, reason why she could not support the expenses of the house and was forced to bring me to the Children's Town to continue my studies and learn other things. She always visits me and is happy for the conditions that the citadel offers me.
I have always told her that one day we will live together again, because in the future I will be a painter of Uncle Malangatana's level, and I will be able to build a house and support her.

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The Cidadela das Crianças made me the girl I am today   She is currently 19 years old and dreams of becoming a policeman, she is attending grade 10 at Josina Machel Secondary School.
Paicha Canicio, 31 years old, is a native and resident of the district of Metuge, Cabo Delgado  province, is part of the host communities for those displaced by the terrorist attacks, and is an active member of the Ophentana Farmers club.
Natalia Andarusse is 37, married and a mother of 5 children, she has had displaced status since 2019, her area of origin is Quissanga district, an area affected by the terrorist attacks, she is currently staying with her family at the Ntocopa resettlement center in Metuge.