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The OneImpact platform reduced the distance between my home and the Health Unit


Maria Vicente Cossa, 65 years old, resident in neighborhood 7 in Boane district, TB patient for about three months.

"I was already in treatment, I had the first contact with the OneImpact MLC volunteer in one of the consultations, he introduced me to his project and I found it interesting because I was facing the difficulty of access to medicines due to the distance between my home and the US."

“Even with the problem with my feet, which prevented me from going frequently to the US, I saw the problem of lack of medicine solved because the OneImpact MLC project volunteer introduced me to the application and explained that I could report the lack of medicine whenever I ran out. Today, it brings the medicines to my house whenever I send a notification through the platform. And it also tries to provide other community members with information about TB, which makes people not stay at home even though they are affected with the disease”.

IMG Maria Vicente OneImpact


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