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"I am a transformed woman"


In the populous Malata neighborhood in the Angoche district of Nampula province, lives Suhura Constantino, a 47-year-old woman who had her life transformed after she started benefiting from the Transform Nutrition Project in April 2020. She, gives an account of what her life and that of her family was like:

"we had no pantry, landfill, tip-tap, pendulum, home garden, or clothesline. When we went to the toilet we didn't wash our hands, it was normal after this practice to take the food and eat without having the minimum hygiene care and because of this the children got sick and diarrhea was frequent", she says.

However, today her reality is different, she feels changes in her home, especially in aspects related to hygiene and sanitation of the environment where she lives, because there was a reduction in the occurrence of diarrheal diseases that often plagued her family, thus reducing the trips to and from the hospital.

"I have learned to make home gardens, to wash and prepare food well for my children, and I feed my children on clean and sanitized plates because I have been taught how to wash and put them in the pantry.

Suhura receives and follows the teachings given by the mentors and spreads the information to her neighbors, friends, family, and members of her community. According to her, even after the end of the project, she feels able to continue with the good practices she has learned.


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