XVI Graduation Ceremony at the Institute of Education and Technology - One World


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The ISET-OWU Higher Institute of Education and Technology held, on March 25, the XVI graduation ceremony, in which degree certificates were awarded to 80 finalist students, of which 32 graduated in Pedagogy and 48 in Education for Community Development.  

On the occasion, the Minister of Science, Technology and Higher Education, Daniel Nivagra, congratulated ISET- One World management for investing in the training and empowerment of Mozambican women towards gender parity in education, since 50% of the graduates are female.

"We praise the fact that in this graduation ceremony, of the 42 graduates in the face-to-face and internship modality, 50% are women, and in the distance learning modality, of the 38 graduates, 44% are women, making an overall universe of 48% women in the total of 80 graduates.

The Minister also congratulated ISET-One World for having successfully completed the institutional evaluation and having all the courses it offers accredited, both those taught in person and those at a distance. This is the path that is intended to be followed by all higher education institutions, that is, their permanent performance within the legal framework in force in higher education - he added.


The Executive Director of ADPP, the organization that oversees ISET - One World, Birgit Holm, referred to the fact that the XVI graduation will take place at a time when ADPP Mozambique celebrates 40 years of activities in the country.

"It is an important milestone for us to hold another graduation ceremony at a time when we celebrate 40 years of our history in which, ISET-One World is part of 2005, the year of its creation".

The Director reminded students of the need to properly observe cooperation and knowledge sharing in all areas of life. "At ISET - One World they learned that working in teams and respecting each other is the only way to move forward and have solutions to problems. If we are just left fighting for each other's careers and lives, we won't get far" - he said adding that: ADPP and ISET - One World are very proud to be one of the few higher education institutions that is located in the countryside, within the community that the institution is serving.

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For his part, the Director General of the institution, António Niquice, referred to the commitment shown by each student to the successful completion of the first cycle of higher education, the Bachelor degree.

"The Higher Technicians that ISET-One World places on the market today are the result of the selfless work of the graduates as students, on the one hand. The commitment of each one of them in the world of work, where from today they are challenged, has to dignify the training done during four years, as well as the institution that trained them to serve our country," he said. He added that the students must spread the ideals of the ISET-One World training by working with and for the communities.

The graduates, in a collective message, expressed their readiness to face the challenges ahead and through professional ethics and deontology achieve their goals.

"We are open to embrace the future with full responsibility, we do not intend to be a flourishing path, but rather, a model for society to follow that is free from illiteracy, poverty, social inequalities and unemployment."

"We believe that the greatest gain in this training, will not be the so-called 'fat salaries', but the contribution through professionalism towards building a society firm in the possibilities of living honestly and charitably."

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