Teacher Training College Maputo and Chimoio start school year 2020


The academic year 2020 started for the 10th+3 curriculum at the Teachers’ Training Colleges of Maputo and Chimoio, and are scheduled to start in the next two weeks for the other schools, namely, TTC Gaza, Inhambane, Nhamatanda, Macuse, Nacala, Nametíl, Niassa, Tete, with the 10th+1 curriculum. According to Sarmento Preço, director of TTC Maputo, the academic year 2020 started efficiently, except for TTC Cabo Delgado, located in the district of Bilibiza, which was the target of an armed attack last week, and the challenge of transferring students to safer places in order to continue their studies remains.

Annually, TTCs enroled more than 1,500 students who are distributed through 11 schools in all provinces of the country with 2 in the province of Nampula. So far, TTCs have graduated more than 21,000 new teachers, most of which have been absorbed by the National Education System and are teaching in primary schools, with a special focus on rural areas.

TTCs operate as boarding schools, where in addition to curricular subjects, students share notions related to school management and maintenance, which allows the future teachers to take the initiative and assume responsibilities in the schools and communities where they will work after training.

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