ADPP implements innovative project to combat TB in Gaza


Gaza province will benefit from an innovative project to engage TB patients in monitoring TB services through the digital platform called OneImpact, implemented by ADPP Mozambique with funding from the Stop TB Partnership which will cover 600 newly diagnosed TB patients.

The OneImpact project in Gaza, is a TB Community Monitoring program that aims to transform the response to TB to be equitable, rights-based and patient-centered. The platform gives TB patients a voice to express their concerns about the accessibility, acceptability, availability and quality of TB services in that southern province of the country.

This initiative aims to introduce and expand the OneImpact (Stop TB Partnership) digital platform in Gaza to significantly improve access to quality TB care for all patients.

According to the project, at least 600 TB patients will learn how to use the OneImpact tool to gain knowledge about TB, where to access TB and health services, how to connect with other TB patients, and how to share/report their concerns.

“It is expected that with this project at least 90% of 600 TB patients (540) will complete treatment as a result of using the OneImpact tool combined with community support”. – says the project, adding that for the materialization of the goals of this platform, 113 activists will be trained to train their TB patients in the use of the OneImpact tool.

Note that the implementation of OneImpact-Gaza by ADPP, is carried out in partnership with AMIMO, an association of mine workers operating in Gaza province implementing TB activities in Chibuto, Xai-Xai and Chongoene, under the leadership and guidance of the National Program to Combat Tuberculosis (PNCT).

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