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A journey of overcoming overcome with much sacrifice


Verónica Elísio, a 34-year-old married woman and mother of three, who lives in Maquival, in the Quelimane district of Zambezia, has faced a journey of overcoming TB treatment. Her story is marked by challenges and sacrifices in the search for a cure.

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 "My family always showed resistance to the hospital treatment I had been undergoing, so I suffered discrimination and stigma, to the point where I was forced to stop and start traditional treatment because they believed it was something spiritual and had nothing to do with TB. The solution was to go to the healer, but this had no positive effect and on the contrary the disease only got worse every day."

However, Verónica's health improved when she met an activist from the OneImpact project, who convinced her family to resume treatment at the Health Unit. The activist offered full support so that Verónica could follow her treatment properly.

"I met the OneImpact activist and he convinced my family to resume treatment at the Health Unit. He introduced me to the OneImpact app where I learned about human rights and reporting everything related to stigma and discrimination."

"This is one of the most difficult battles of my life, which began with bitterness, but which has found a happy outcome for me and my family who now share every moment with me."

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