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"From Adversity to Prosperity: Amina's inspiring journey in Cabo Delgado"


Young Amina, 19, from Ancuabe, lost everything during the armed conflict in Cabo Delgado. Despite the difficulties, Amina found support and hope at the Northern Crisis Recovery Project (NCRP), where she took part in an entrepreneurship course. With help from the project, Amina turned her resilience into entrepreneurship, creating a firm business plan. Now in charge of her own capulana stall, she has not only secured a livelihood for her daughter, but has also become an inspiration. Her story highlights that, even in difficult situations, it is possible to build a new story of success and resilience with determination and adequate support. Amina's experience shows how programs like the NCRP can make a difference in the lives of people going through crises, highlighting the power of the combination of personal strength and structured support.



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