An educational legacy: 25,000 teachers trained by the Teacher Training Schools

Maputo, December 14, 2023 - The Teacher Training Schools of the Future (EPFs) with a presence throughout the country, are graduating 885 new Primary Teachers and Adult Educators this month, bringing the total number of graduates to 25,000 since the first school started operating in 1993, EPF Maputo.

As part of a series of eleven graduation ceremonies scheduled for the coming days, EPF Maputo inaugurated the cycle yesterday by holding its 27th graduation ceremony. During the event, 58 new teachers were officially introduced to the job market, 35 of whom are women, representing 59.5% of the total. It should be noted that the profile of the graduates is 12+ 3 years.ão mulheres, representando 59,5% do total. De realçar que perfil dos graduados é de 12ª+ 3 anos.

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With this graduation, the new teachers now have the pedagogical qualifications to teach children and adults on a one-to-one basis at primary level and to cater for people with Special Educational Needs, and they have the capacity to teach monolingual and bilingual students.

The ceremony was led by the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Education and Human Development (MINEDH), Artur Armando Dombo, and was attended by the Maputo Provincial Director of Education, the Representative of the Matola District Administrator, the Executive Director of ADPP and the academic community, parents and guardians and other guests.

Speaking to the new graduates, Armando Dombo said he hoped that the new teachers, by joining the other professionals already working in the sector, would make their contribution to promoting inclusive, patriotic and quality education, with a view to the country's development.


"The role of the teacher today is much more associated with mediating the process of students' autonomous construction of knowledge, which changes the game in our performance as teachers. It is dynamism, work, patience and constant learning that should characterize each of us," said the Permanent Secretary.


For her part, the ADPP's executive director, Birgit Holm, expressed her satisfaction at the milestone of 25,000 graduates that all the schools have achieved over 30 years of activities in favor of the development of education in the country.

"We are proud to have reached this number of graduates today, because we know that many of these graduates continue to work in education, whether as teachers in primary and secondary schools or in district or provincial directorates and various other institutions," she said.

"We hope that you graduates will use your training to the full to strengthen the school, making it a source of pride for the school community and parents and guardians," he added.

In their message, the graduates expressed their readiness to teach anywhere in the country, where they can help children grow better and contribute to the country's development by building a more enlightened society.