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Federation Humana People to People

Humana People to People geographic distributionADPP Mozambique is a co-founder and member of the Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People to People Movement (the Federation, or, Humana People to People), a network of 32 non-profit aid organizations from 43 countries in Europe, North America, Africa, Asia and Latin America.

With its Headquarters in Zimbabwe, the Federation has been working in the fields of long-term sustainable development and international cooperation since the members started to cooperate formally in 1989. Today, it implements over 700 projects around the world.

The objective of the Federation is to provide a framework for the cooperation between the member organizations and a body through which they can discuss issues of common interest, share experiences, provide support in program development, increase their efficiency and speak with a common voice in international development fora, thereby increasing the influence of their programs.

The Federation has its roots in the contributions to the fight against apartheid in the late 1970s and has as such 36 years of experience in supporting peoples’ movements, peace building and development work and was founded according to the Solidary Humanism principle.


Humana People to People Headquarter

The development work that the members do today is diverse, but all based on fighting shoulder to shoulder with The Poor. Most of the development projects are located in rural areas and slums, where they center on people organizing together in their communities to take an active role in creating changes with positive effects upon their lives.

It is through its affiliation with the Federation that ADPP Mozambique is able to leverage the accumulated experience of its sister organizations around the globe.

Humana People to People work in the following areas:

1.    Education and capacity training

Education and training of people’s capacity are some of the most important investments we can make to foster progress for people, their communities and countries. Programs include training of another kind of teacher, vocational skills training, providing schools for children who would otherwise not get an education and many informal training programs.


2.    Fighting shoulder to shoulder with the Poor

Fighting shoulder to shoulder with The Poor is integrated in all the programs. In Child Aid people organize together and work with all the issues that contribute to development in their communities. The Farmers’ Clubs program is our answer to the challenges facing the small holder farmers and the world, when looking at food production.


3.    Clothes collection globally

It starts with people in Europe and the US, who are interested in how people around the world progress and who are environmentally conscious and therefore donate the clothing they no longer want. Economic development and many workplaces are created on all continents. Funds raised from the clothes are used to support Humana People to People projects.


4.    Promoting health and fighting disease

People can take charge of the health for themselves and others when knowledgeable and mobilized to act. HIV and TB prevention and care is addressed in TCE - Total Control of the Epidemic and HOPE Humana projects. Malaria is addressed in all programs and in specific malaria actions. The same is the case for water and sanitation.


5.    Fighting climate change

We see the consequences of climate change among those hard hit and we see it as a necessity to play our part in what we as humans must do to adapt to and mitigate the consequences of climate change and global warming. Therefore we work with climate actions in all the programs and projects.