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Here you can see various movies from ADPP Mozambique's work. If you are interested in our portuguese movies you can see it from this link

ADPP Community Centers for Development of Competencies
This an ADPP Mozambique project running in the provinces of Maputo, Manica, Sofala and Nampula aiming at providing youth with basic skills to enable them to have access to job or create their own businesses.
Solar Energy Project implemented by ADPP - Projecto de Energia Solar implementado pela ADPP
“Enabling 18,000 people to access sustainable small scale solar power in Quissanga and Ancuabe districts, Cabo Delgado” is a solar energy and entrepreneurship project co-funded by the European Union, UNDP and the Gaia Movement and implemented between 2011-2014 by ADPP Mozambique in partnership w...
ADPP TCE Maputo - Mobilizing Mozambique - Fighting HIV/AIDS
Documentário sobre o trabalho porta a porta dos activistas da TCE (Total Controlo da Epidemia) da ADPP Moçambique no combate ao HIV/SIDA, filmado por uma equipa de jovens graduados em realização pela universidade norte-americana de Chapman.
Helping Disabled Students in Mozambique
Blind students are empowered to teach at Planet Aid--supported teacher training colleges in Mozambique, which are operated by ADPP Mozambique.
ADPP Mozambique increasing literacy through Teacher Training Colleges
The Humana People to People teacher training concept places the teacher trainee in the center of his own education with the opportunity and the responsibility to acquire knowledge, skills and competencies. At the same time, the training is based on team-work and social responsibility within a group ...
Siamo andati a vedere il progetto di agricoltura biologica ed energie rinnovabili in MOZAMBICO
TCE in Mozambique - fighting HIV/AIDS
Total Control of the Epidemic received funding from United States Department of Agriculture in a monetization mechanism of soybeans. The partnership managed to have TCE working together with the government of Mozambique to fight HIV/AIDS and provide nutrition support to Oprhans and Vulnerable Childr...
USDA visits Food For Education Program in Mozambique
USDA visits the Food for Education Program being implemented by Planet Aid and HPP in Mozambique
Clothes and Sales in Mozambique by ADPP
ADPP Mozambique runs over 70 community development projects spanning from Teacher Training colleges, Farmers Clubs, children centered projects, Vocational schools, a University and HIV/AIDS programs across the ten provinces of Mozambique.
ADPP - Alfabetização Zambézia
One day out in the field throughout alphabetization centers in Zambezia, Mozambique.
Food for Knowledge in Mozambique program visit in 2014
ADPP Mozambique is currently implementing a USDA funded program which is giving daily school feeding fortified porridge to 60.000 children in Maputo. The program has elements of teacher training, health and hygiene education, after school clubs and parents participation in children staying in school...
ADPP Mozambique - Dia da Terra / Earth Day 2014
The International Mother Earth Day is celebrated annually on the 22nd of April to raise worldwide awareness about the environment and to promote global sustainability. This is the greeting of the children of the ADPP Children's Town in Maputo boarding school on the occasion of the Earth Day. O Dia ...
Girls' Inspire: Fighting Premature Wedding in Mozambique
Girls' Inspired is a projected that fights Premature Wedding by giving girls back their dreams trough studying and job creation.
Projecto Clube dos Agricultores (Farmers Club project)
Em Outubro de 2018 encerrou o projecto Clube de Agricultores, uma iniciativa da ADPP Moçambique financiada pelo Ministério dos Negócios Estrangeiros da Finlândia. Durante a sua implemnetação, a ADPP forneceu treinamento e assistência técnica através de sua rede de Instrutores Agrários.