ADPP distributes 5 tons of corn seeds

ADPP distributes 5 tons of corn seeds2fADPP distributed this week 5 tons of maize seed to 250 farmers in Nhamatanda district, one of the most affected by Cyclone IDAI, which has hit the province of Sofala, Manica and Zambézia. This support aims to provide small scale farmers in that part of the country with agricultural inputs so that they can plant for the second agricultural season, once the first was devastated by floods.

"I lost everything ... home, agricultural products and for two weeks, we are here without food, with children crying. Thanks to ADPP's offer of hoes, machetes and seeds. I'm going to start rebuilding my house and farming production "- Victoria Dom Luís, affected by the cyclone in Nhamatanda.

ADPP in Nhamatanda, Supports 2,250 small scale farmers organized in 45 clubs mostly affected by cyclone IDAI.