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ADPP’s Teacher Training Schools graduate 1,394 new teachers

TTC Graduation 2018In 2018 the Teacher Training Schools from ADPP Mozambique graduated 1,394 primary school teachers, of which 690 are male and 704 female, increasing the number of graduates of this institution from 18,548 to 19,942.

In the year that EPFs celebrate their 25th anniversary (Silver Weddings), these graduation ceremonies took place throughout the country in the 11 EPFs.

TTC Graduation With Ed Minister 2018The Minister of Education, Conceição Sortane, attended the graduation ceremony in EPF Chimoio, and encouraged the graduates to be firm in their journey of acquiring knowledge, know how, and skills to deliver inclusive, competitive and quality education. In turn, students expressed their willingness to work anywhere in the country and contribute to improving the quality of teaching in the communities where they will be inserted.

ADPP’s Teacher Training Schools, known as "Teachers of the Future Schools (EPF's)", were created to contribute to the efforts of the Mozambican Government to improve the quality of teaching in primary schools in the country.

By increasing the number of qualified and multi-skilled teachers, EPFs play an important role in the development of teacher training in Mozambique.

It should be noted that the purpose of the EPFs is to train primary teachers who are educators capable of leading various community development initiatives in rural communities where most of them will play an important role in reducing illiteracy and improving the quality of education in the country.