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ADPP Teachers' Training Colleges Celebrate Silver Anniversary

ADPP 25AnosdaEPFMazulaMonteiroThe Teachers’ Training Colleges for Teachers of the Future have recently celebrated 25 years since the establishment of the first College in Maputo province in 1993. The event was attended by members of the Government, Diplomatic Corps, academics, partners, graduate students and trainees of the Teacher Training College (TTC) in Maputo.

Speaking at the occasion, the District Administrator in Matola, Anastácia Rita Quitane praised the role that ADPP has been developing through TTCs in the education sector in Mozambique through the training of primary school teachers in rural areas. She also mentioned the contribution of this organization in reducing student teacher ratio.

Education has always been the banner of ADPP

During the event, ADPP Executive Director Birgit Holm stressed that the organization she runs has always made education its banner, and during its early years of activity it focused on setting up schools for street children, and the creation of vocational schools.

"From 1993 to 2010, ADPP has established 11 Teachers’ Training Colleges for Teachers of the Future across the country and in all provinces and by the end of this year we will reach about 20,000 teachers trained ", Holm said.

She further stated that the TTC graduates work for development not only of the school, but also of the community where they are in.

In another development, the ADPP Executive Director praised the role of all partners that have supported TTCs over the last 25 years.

TTCs train teachers with humanistic and solidary vision

ADPP 25AnosdaEPF CoroThe Headmaster of the Teachers’ Training College in Maputo, Sarmento Preço, stated in his speech on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the TTCs that teachers being trained at the TTC work to create strong links between the school and the community, they are teachers working in the fight against school failure.

"TTCs train teachers to have a humanistic and solidary vision, they are trained to use the best teaching methods to obtain the best results, because only then they will assume a role of participative leaders in improving the quality of education in the country and improve life of communities "- he said.

"Have more skills than just teaching"

In 1993, the first team was composed of 50 young people, 42 of whom were male and 8 were female, and they began their classes at TTC-Maputo with young people from the provinces of Maputo, Manica, Sofala, Zambézia, Nampula and Cabo Delgado.

According to the representative of the 1st team of graduates, it was a team with high cultural diversity, which was one of the first lessons that would lead them to a lifetime.

"We were trained to meet the demands of the primary schools where we were going to work, especially in rural areas. It was necessary to have skills more than just teaching, but also, to be a teacher with a global vision, capable of acting as an agent of community development. " – they said.

The ADPP Teacher Training Colleges, known as "Schools for Teachers of the Future", were created to contribute to the efforts of the Government of Mozambique to improve the quality of education in primary schools in the country.

By increasing the number of qualified and multi-skilled teachers, TTCs play an important role in the development of teacher training in Mozambique.

The objective of the TTCs is to train primary school teachers who are educators and are able to lead various community development initiatives in rural communities where most of them will work.

It should be noted that during these 25 years, ADPP Teacher Training Colleges have trained 18,548 teachers, of which 8,458 are women.