Loving Literacy: Leveraging Native Languages

FFK NelsaYoung children in Mozambique speak one of several native languages, but when they enter school, they are frequently taught to read and write in Portuguese, the official national language. This creates an obstacle to their acquisition of reading and writing skills.

To help facilitate improvements in early reading, Planet Aid and its partners, ADPP Mozambique and Cambridge Education, are implementing an early grade reading component in the FFK program. This component teaches children to “crack the code” of the written word by learning to read in their mother tongue, which helps to accelerate learning and makes it easier for children to later catch up with the national curriculum in Portuguese.

Nelsa, a teacher being trained by the Food for Knowledge Project, leads a class at Graça Machel Primary School in Magude District, Maputo province. Nelsa uses a read-aloud book developed by the project to help students develop skills in vocabulary and oral reading comprehension. The book is written in Shangana, the language of instruction in the classroom and the students’ mother tongue.

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