It is possible to beat Tuberculosis

TB SEWANECuring tuberculosis at a time when drug resistance has been reported, together with the growth of HIV prevalence rates, currently at 13.2 percent (IIMASIDA / 2017), has proved to be difficult but not impossible.

Former TB patients who were accompanied by ADPP activists managed to get around the disease and today are free of Tuberculosis. Luís Sewane and Renato Rangel, are two former Tuberculosis patients that today are successful cases in the fight against the disease.

Luís Sewane, 43 years old, got the disease in South Africa but it was in his homeland that he was diagnosed with tuberculosis. He quickly started with the treatment.

"Thanks to the work of the ADPP activists, I had the strength to face treatment and I was able to recover from the disease after I had been very weak."

The support of his family was essential for Sewane to recover. He says that he has suffered no stigma from his family members, on the contrary, they have provided him with all the support necessary for his recovery. He adds that another factor for his improvement was the compliance of hygiene for a patient suffering from tuberculosis.

TB RANGELSewane considers that in addition to medicines, it is necessary, above all, to have a belief in healing and follow the treatment as the health authorities recommend.

Like Sewane, Renato Rangel beat tuberculosis. Always in a good mood, Rangel of 34 years old advises others who suffer from tuberculosis to resort to health units.

Rangel says that when he was diagnosed the disease he soon went for treatment and complied with all medication. Today cured, Rangel thanks the ADPP activist, Leonor Ngovene who, tirelessly fought for the success of his treatment.