ADPP graduates 59 new primary teachers

EPF MPM Graduacao 2017ADPP's Teacher Training College in Maputo graduated 59 new teachers (34 males and 25 females) in a ceremony attended by His Excellency the Governor of Maputo Province, Raimundo Diomba, Her Excellency the Minister of Education, Conceita Sortane, the Executive Director of ADPP, Birgit Holm, partners, parents and guardians.

Speaking to the graduates, the Governor of Maputo Province urged the graduates to do their utmost to develop the communities where they will be inserted and to find local solutions to solve their day-to-day problems.

On the other hand, the Minister of Education, Conceição Sortane highlighted the work that ADPP has been carrying out in training of primary school teachers in the country.

"In a training committed to the development of community life, the TTC provides trainees with knowledge on how to manage the school, and how to work with the community through community research." - said Sortane.

ADPPs Executive Director Birgit Holm said that the organization has 11 teacher training colleges and that this year in total it trained 1,580 new teachers, of which 829 are women, with a 96.8% pass rate.

In their message, the graduates said they are willing to contribute positively to the Government's efforts to improve education in the country by recovering values that have been lost, because, they believe, development can only be achieved with well-educated citizens.

It should be noted that graduates from the ADPP Teacher Training Colleges are known to be extremely motivated in their work, skilled in using the latest pedagogical methodologies and interested in the integral development of the children they teach.