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US Ambassador Dean Pittman inaugurates Community pre-school in Malinguine, Namacurra district, Zambézia province

US Preschools ZambeziaOn the 14th of September, the United States Ambassador Dean Pittman accompanied by USAID mission Director Jennifer Adams inaugurated Malinguine Community pre-school in Namacurra district, Zambézia province. This pre-school is part of the girls’ education -Nikhalamo project implemented by ADPP Mozambique in partnership with Girl Child Rights and funded by USAID.

Present at this August event were ADPP Executive Director, Namacurra District administrator, district officials, school principals, teachers, students, project staff, other CSO and community members. Mr. Pittman greeted everyone and addressed them on the importance of girls' education.

In a very compelling message the US Ambassador stated that girls are the driving force behind community transformation. He highlighted the importance of keeping girls in school reminding those present that when girls are in school, statistically they are more likely to escape poverty and support families. He applauded the efforts of parents/caregivers for allowing girls to come and remain at school. He congratulated the teachers for the work that they are doing to promote girl education.

Adding to the Ambassadors message the Administrator of Namacurra District, Calidia Fernando remarked that the inaugurated Community pre-school is an important intervention that has brought relief for vulnerable girls and community members in Malinguine. It has enabled these girls to stay in school while their siblings are taken care of in the pre-school. In the past many left school to take care of their younger siblings.

Adding to the discourse, the project coordinator, Alberto Gimo reported that the project is contributing to a reduction in girls’ dropouts and early child marriages.

Malinguine Community Preschool is the seventeenth out of eighteen preschools established by Nikhalamo project.

The community pre-schools play a critical role in the project's efforts to create an enabling environment for Girls to stay in school. By providing a safe place for younger siblings, they allow the older siblings time to study, participate in other extracurricular activities such as sports, Reading, science, Maths and Technology.