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Learn how the TIMS Project saved a family from Tuberculosis in Gaza province

TIMS BombeAndré Bombe has worked in platinum mines in South Africa for almost 30 years. He returned to Xai-Xai in 2005, where he lives with his family. Mr. Bombe is one of the tuberculosis survivors identified through community outreach campaigns in the province of Gaza carried out by ADPP Mozambique through the Tuberculosis Mining Sector Program (TIMS).

Mr. Bombe's relationship with the TIMS project began on December 27, 2016 when one of the Project Field Officials found him coughing with chest pain and unexplained weight loss. He felt bad for more than four years. He said that during that time he visited public and private health facilities more than 40 times, but he has never been examined or tested for TB.

The TIMS project Field Officer, carried out TB screening on Mr. Bombe and his relatives, facilitated the sputum collection and referral for clinical diagnosis through the collaborating healthcare institution, Patrice Lumumba's Health Center. Mr. Bombe was later diagnosed with pulmonary TB through X-ray examinations on January 6.

He began treatment on the same day, Mr. Bombe and his family began receiving follow-up visits from the project field officers. The family also benefited from the nutritional training conducted by ADPP in partnership with the Provincial Health Directorate and were encouraged and supported to ensure that the youngest child in the family undergoes preventive treatment.

Mr. Bombe's wife greatly appreciates the support and attention received at the health facility and explained how support from the outreach workers has been crucial throughout the treatment: "Whatever doubts we would have; she would be here to support us or even by phone. This project has helped us a lot and is very necessary."