Nikhalamo Project delivers community pre-schools to Iacota

Escolinhas 20170601The Nikhalamo project, implemented by ADPP Mozambique and funded by USAID, recently delivered 4 community schools to the community of Iacota in the Namacura district of Zambezia province.

The pre-schools were built in the primary schools of Iacota, Vila Cândida and Mané. They counted on the contribution of the local community for the provision of timber, sand, water among other materials.

Community participation in school construction is essentially to ensure that there is a strengthening of community participation and support for girls' education through early childhood development activities, whose activities will help to stem the persistent problem of dropping out of school because of household tasks and early pregnancy.

In the act of delivery of community school, the community of Iacota was pleased to have the privilege of being awarded a school for children from 3 to 5 years of age. A 7th grader from the project said: "I have been relieved at home since the community school program started here at Iacota primary school. The fear of being called by the math teacher and be asked why I did not arrive early or why I was not in his class the previous day is over, because when I come to school I bring my younger sister with me every day. "

The community leader said: We are relieved because we have where to leave our children when we go out to our farms and we will no longer bother our sisters and brothers. We will commit ourselves to take good care of the school, because it is a place of learning for our future doctors ... "

Similar words were spoken by the communities of Vila Cândida, Mané and Muebele. With greater focus on the community of Muebele, where one of the mothers whose child is the beneficiary of the project said:

"When we were told to contribute 18%, that is, to bring sand, water, scaffold stakes, I thought they were just punishing us, I never thought we would have a little school built here. But today I'm happy to see the little school built with that sand and water we brought. I want to assure you that my daughters will not miss school any more, and not even the youngest will miss school. This little school will be able to help our children a lot, it will put in them a habit of going to school as a child and it will awaken to us parents and guardians the importance education for our sons or daughters.