ADPP implements sustainable agricultural production project

SUSTAIN1ADPP Mozambique is implementing the Producers' Club Project since August 2016 in Tete province, which was designed to respond to the challenges of climate changes experienced by the communities in the three target districts, namely, Cahora Bassa, Marara and Magóe.

The program is part of the Sustainability and Inclusion Strategy for Growth Corridors in Africa (SUSTAIN Africa) implemented in the Zambezi Valley Corridor and covers the areas of agriculture, fisheries, livestock, water, soils and landscape.

The project is being implemented in a total of 25 communities, supporting approximately 1.800 direct beneficiaries’ farmers, animal breeders, fishermen and their families (1,800 people). Among the beneficiaries there will be 150 micro, small and medium enterprises, the agriculture departments at provincial and district levels, and at least 3 organizations from the private sector.

The overall objective of the project is to promote synergy between the resources of nature and the way agricultural and fishery productions are being done thereby increasing the production and income of the farmers. The program is focused on the introduction of Climate Resilient water and landscape management practices that create a sustainable economic growth in the communities, with the involvement of private partners and public institutions.