"A school with garden, fence and DUAT (Title Deeds)"

Diomba1ADPP Mozambique has recently launched a campaign named "A School with Garden, Fence and DUAT (Title deeds)" which promotes school gardens under the ADPP school feeding program, funded by the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) through Planet Aid. This program has a component of School Gardens and Big Farms whose main objective is the diversification of school feeding, whose base is a mixture of soybeans and corn flour porridge.

The launching ceremonies that coincided with the International School Meals Day took place at the Pedreira Primary School in Salamanga, Matutuine District, Maputo Province, led by the Governor of this Province, Raimundo Diomba and other provincial and district government members, guests including the Executive Director of ADPP, Birgit Holm and the representative of the US Government, Almeida Zacarias.

One of the highlights of the ceremony was the inauguration and delivery by the Governor Diomba of a water pump capable of irrigating more than 50 Ha, an offer from the school feeding program to benefit the school and surrounding community. ADPP has assigned a technician to each of the large farms (others are not yet operational) to technically assist production and transfer knowledge to local communities.

This is one of the 08 schools - there will be two in each of the districts assisted by the program - that will have farms of at least 5Ha, in scope of sustainability and food diversification in the districts covered. For the same purpose, 60 gardens were created in the four districts covered.

Several events took place to commemorate this date, with an exhibition of the program components namely, Construction, Water and Sanitation, School Gardens and Big Farms, Extracurricular Clubs, Nutrition Education and Literacy, an exhibition with prepared and raw produce from the 18 schools in the district of Matutuine; Planting of sweet potato branches, orange pulp, planting of papayas, cultural demonstrations through various dances and health fair, where participants could test for various diseases and measure blood pressure.