Children's Town: A Window of Hope

Cidadela2The Children's Town, ADPP Mozambique's shelter for vulnerable children returns hope to several children in the city of Maputo. It offers them an opportunity to have basic education and gain essential life skills in a favorable sociocultural environment. It also ensures primary education for children in the surrounding community.

The project is a response to the growing number of street children living on the streets of Maputo. Since its creation in 1991, more than 1,000 children have completed primary school (1st to 7th grade).

It is a home and a school that provides access to primary education for vulnerable children in the city of Maputo. Among the students are orphans, street children, children abandoned by their parents, victims of domestic violence and children from the local community who come from impoverished families or do not have access to government schools for other reasons.

In addition to providing access to primary education, the Children's Town project provides care and support for these children and gives them a home, love, education, and health care environment in addition to building relationships so that they can become self- sustained and contributing to society. Children's Town demonstrates that it is possible for a vulnerable child to be raised to its full potential by living in a safe, caring and supportive environment.

In addition to attending the 1st to 7th grade of the attached Primary School, children undergo different important programs at home and in the classroom. Part of the program is directly linked to the daily life of children in their home where they perform age-appropriate cooking tasks, produce organic food, care for animals and of course play and learn to live in harmony with other children and adults.