Project trains ISET / OWU students

OWU 032017aThe EDULINK project, implemented with the active participation of the ISET / OWU students from the Community Development course with the assistance of ADPP Mozambique, trained students from this institution of higher education in various aspects related to rural development.

The project aims at making solid long-term contribution to the eradication of rural poverty in Mozambique in this case in the community of Changalane by professionalizing, institutionalizing and promoting the use of sustainable technologies covering alternative sources of energy, water, soil and other local resources relevant to small-scale agriculture and food security.

Teachers from Stellenbosch University in South Africa and ADISA in Lisbon Portugal taught students from ISET / OWU on renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, food security and feasibility studies.

Among the actions supported by ISET / OWU students are the feasibility study of agricultural projects, actions in the field of renewable energies, energy and food security, introduction of pedestrian water pumps; Installation of irrigation systems; Introduction of fuel efficient-stoves, installation of seed shops and promotion of tree planting actions.

Through these projects teachers and students carried out various actions in the communities in Changalane in renewable energy, conservation agriculture, pedestal pump installations and irrigation systems.

A Knowledge and Resource Management Center was set up to promote research, testing, demonstration, training and dissemination of small-scale renewable energy systems and sustainable technologies for the development of the rural community, in particular small scale agriculture. Students learned about sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and solar energy, built stoves and solar dryers.