International Meals Day

FOTO FFK 09032017The world celebrates International Meals Day on the 9 th of March under the motto "Food, Culture and Heritage - Food That Reflects in Your Life." In Mozambique, school feeding is not yet comprehensive for all children, despite the fact that several efforts for children to have access to school meals is being implemented under PRONAE - National School Feeding Program.

 It is a Government program linked to MINEDH - Ministry of Education and Human Development, which consists of supplementing the nutritional needs of students through the administration of daily meal / student, throughout the school year, complemented with meals and nutritional education.

It is in this context that, considering the vast majority of children in schools do not receive meals, the Food For Knowledge project, implemented by ADPP in collaboration with MINEDH and funded by USDA - Department of Agriculture United States of America, aimed at sustainably reducing the negative impact of food insecurity and malnutrition in the education sector.

The project’s first phase was from 2013 to 2016, and is now in its second phase, which will go until 2020 and has till this date distributed 33,360,000 meals, corresponding to 3,336 tons of maize flour and soy. FFK project covers nearly 80,000 pupils in 269 schools in the districts of Matutuine, Moamba, Magude and Manhiça, contributing significantly to reducing school drop-outs and improving school attendance.

Exhibitions, contests and delivery of water pump marks the anniversary

The Pedreira School, in Matutuine District, will host the International School Feeding Day ceremonies, which will be attended by Raimundo Diomba, Governor of Maputo Province, among several dignitaries.

17 Schools will participate in a contest in which each school will nominate three students, three mothers involved in the school meals preparation process and one teacher. The competitors will run for the best dish categories (Hygiene and Preparation); Diversity of Food (Nutrients) in their preparation.

The dishes to be displayed will be chosen by the participant. At the same time participating schools will take with them products to be exhibited and / or prepared at the event. In addition to these specific activities, a pump will be delivered at the school (to be done by the Governor of Maputo Province), Exhibition of Products and Services (with other partners / guests).