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ADPP teacher training schools train more than 16,000 teachers

TTCG4 022017Since 1993, ADPP Mozambique Teacher Training Schools have trained more than 16,000 teachers who are now working in all provinces of the country, especially in the remote areas. In 2016, 1,389 students graduated from the 11 schools throughout the country.

The purpose of the EPFs is to train highly competent primary school teachers who have the skills and motivation to take responsibility for the development of schools and the communities where they work. As most primary schools in the country are located in rural areas, the training is geared to answer the needs of rural schools in Mozambique.

In addition to primary school education, the trainees participate in the transformation of primary schools through maintenance activities such as building classrooms with local materials, planting trees and establishing school gardens. These examples do not only embellish the schools but also mobilize communities to realize that they do not need major funding to improve children's learning conditions.