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Teacher Training College – Nametil graduates 152 students in 2016

Leitura de juramentoThe Teacher Training College in Nametil has since its start graduated 1,045 primary school teachers.  The majority is working in rural primary schools and contributes to give more than 60,000 children a quality education every year.

Many graduates from the college are nominated to be primary school directors or get position in the Districts or Provincial Departments of Education. They are well known for being active and cooperative teachers capable of finding solutions to the daily day questions.

The students of this College have gained competences that permit them to give to the children a quality education that will help the children to learn what they are supposed to learn and develop well during their school time.

With the experiences gained at the College in terms of taking initiatives on the social and cultural parts of life, the students are able to contribute to the social and cultural life in the districts and in the province.

The students have learned through their school practice during the year that they will not leave any child behind and let children abandon their classes; no young girl is going to marry while still in primary school if the teacher can do anything to avoid it; and no child is allowed to drop out of school because he or she is needed in the domestic works by their family.

This experience the students gained at the College has a big effect in the community involving the families to be cooperating with the teachers for the benefit of the children. The communities will benefit from teachers, who know how to organize sports events and other cultural events, who can lead in Literacy Campaigns for the adult population, who has experience in vegetable production at school level, who can lead community cleaning actions, who can organize tree planting actions and know how to keep the trees alive, and finally who has experience in giving public speeches and mobilizing communities around health issues and basic rules for hygiene.

152 out of 160 students passed the examinations, which corresponds to 95%. This shows that the College has been working well with the students, during the whole program. We can see the result of the special training in the evenings for students who had particular difficulties in some of the subjects like mathematics, Portuguese and handwriting.