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Citizenship joins sports and culture in a party full of humanist values.

Cidadania Festival 1It was a different and joyful day, with a good combination of sports, educational theater with messages that touched the young, coral songs, dances and beautiful songs full of citizenship ideals sung by singer Mingas, at the Culture and Sports Festival "in support of Citizenship" at ADPP Mozambique premises in Machava.

The Festival "In Support of Citizenship" organized by the ADPP Mozambique Project "Promotion of Active citizenship among young Mozambicans", brought together great atmosphere and enthusiasm. Hundreds of students from the schools covered by the project, residents of the surrounding Infulene communities, Língamo and Clover neighborhoods, the Machava Administrative Office, and Bairro dos Pescadores, from Costa del Sol, as well as ADPP Mozambique workers were present.

A union of Sport and Culture, took place during the morning, athletic games, football, volleyball and basketball, with male and female teams from different primary and secondary schools, vocational training, ADPP teachers and other five schools covered by the Project. In the afternoon, Mingas, a popular singer involved in heart and mind in the ADPP Citizenship Project, gave an unforgettable musical show, preceded by dance performances, music, singing and theater from Cultural Groups of active schools in the Citizenship Project.Cidadania Festival 3

The Project "Promotion of Active Citizenship among Mozambican Youth ", implemented by ADPP Mozambique is funded by the European Union (EU) under the Program of Support to Non-State Actors (PAANE) of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation and funded the Xth European Development Fund (EDF) of the European Union (EU), and has a partnership with VUKKA Association, led by singer Mingas.