ADPP begins work on the TIMS program

TIMs Workshop 2ADPP Mozambique and TB Alert recently facilitated a trainer, training workshop as part of the intervention that ADPP is responsible for in the TB in the Mining Sector in Southern Africa (TIMS) programme.

TIMS  is a regionally coordinated programme that aims to contribute towards the reduction of TB in the southern African mining sector through innovative intervention.

The trainer, training workshop  is the first step as ADPP aims to intensify active case finding for 8 of the 10 countries that TIMS is working in, the countries include Mozambique, Malawi, Tanzania, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho, Swaziland and Zambia.   

ADPP has partnered with the Humana People to People network in five of these countries: HPP Botswana, DAPP Malawi, ADPP Mozambique, DAPP Namibia, DAPP Zambia. In Lesotho, Swaziland a the Humana network. TB Alert, also a member of the Stop TB Partnership, is providing ADPP nd Tanzania, ADPP Mozambique will be working with partner organisations from outside and its partner organisations with training support and technical assistance.

The training was facilitated by Sameer Sah, Director of International Programmes at TB Alert and Olga Guerrero, European Partnerships Coordinator at Humana Spain. Key staff from ADPP working on the TIMS intervention, Phoebe Kilele, Egidio Langa and Tomás Doce, facilitated some of the sessions held at ADPP’s headquarters in Machava, Mozambique. The training was attended by 14 key project management staff from HPP Botswana, DAPP Malawi, ADPP Mozambique, DAPP Namibia and DAPP Zambia. The training was formally inaugurated by the National TB Programme Manager of Mozambique, Dr Ivan Manhiça.

‘In existing TB programmes with ADPP, we have seen how field officers are at the heart of intensified case finding activities at the community level. Quality training is key to guaranteeing accurate screening, collection of sputum and treatment adherence support to patients’ - explained Birgit Holm, Country Director, ADPP Mozambique.

The purpose of the training workshop was to build the capacity of the trainees to impart training to field officers to screen key populations for TB, provide access to testing and diagnostic services for both TB and HIV and support treatment adherence, continuity (for both TB and HIV) and completion (for TB). It followed a participatory approach and trainees were provided with the means to train relevant field staff when they return to their countries. In addition, the training also ensured their preparedness for the oversight and leadership over in-country activities. It was imparted over 5 days using a mix of didactic learning and participative methodologies including group exercises and presentations. The training also took the participants to the Hospital Geral de Machava for exposure to laboratory tests such as GeneXpert and sputum smear microscopy, an isolation room for children with TB and interactions with TB patients, laboratory scientist, nurses and doctors.

Over the next weeks, ADPP and TB Alert will be supporting the delivery of training to field staff with the support of national TB programmes and Ministry of Health in each country as well as guiding the field activities related to intensified case finding in mining sentinel sites across eight countries.