HOPE – Giving HOPE When it is Most Needed


The main objective of the HOPE Project is to bring hope to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. The project seeks to enhance the quality of life of HIV-positive people through assisting them in adhering to treatment, encouraging them in adopting a healthy diet and helping them in finding decent employment and relevant peer support at the ADPP Positive Living Clubs and Youth Clubs. All willing to do so will also be supported in designing a personal HIV risk reduction plan.

One of the core ideas of HOPE is to give people living with HIV an active role in designing ways to fight the HIV epidemic and in planning a positive future for themselves and their loved ones.

The activities carried out through the HOPE Project include free HIV-testing, individual counseling and awareness raising campaigns about health and nutrition related issues. Various outreach activities are carried out in the local communities, workplaces and schools by the specially trained HOPE Field Officers.

The members of the Positive Living Clubs and Youth Clubs are given a central role in coordinating some of the activities. Among them are the after-school learning clubs for local orphan and vulnerable children (OVC) and the activities related to cultivating vegetable gardens and breeding animals.

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