Learn how the Girls Inspire project changed Zainabos life

I come from a poor family, to help my family I had to grow up and become responsible very early, my teenage years were disturbed, I did not go to school and was not able to get any education. I got involved with a man much older than me, so as to help my family to have a decent meal and other goods, I lived with him for 1 year, then I discovered that he was married in another province and that he had to go back to his family, leaving me with a small boy of only 3 months. I suffered a lot because in my mother's house we are many and it was difficult to have a decent meal everyday.

I started doing some business to help with the expenses. While going around during a visit to my friend, I had the opportunity to meet one of the Community Facilitators from the ADPP the Girls Inspire Project. The lady spoke to me and told me about this project whose aim was to help girls like me get skills and move out of our situation of poverty and dependence and convinced me to join it.

We go through short 3 months training in a course of our choice and I chose a cooking course because I have always loved to cook and I believe I am a good cook. The course also equips us with life skills including linking us to the clinic to get access to Sexual and Reproductive Health information and services. Girls in my community get pregnant at a very young age or are forced to get married too early because we have no information. Being an Adolescent is hard. The peer pressure is also very high. On one hand most of our families are poor and we need to survive. Sometimes marrying a man who can help your family out of this situation seems like the only choice. You cannot get a job because you are not educated. So you get married. I was only 16 when I had my baby and being alone with a 3 months old child was hard.

I am thankful that I was able to join this project. Through the project I was trained in Hospitality and tourism, and today I have tools to look for a job. I feel overwhelmed and motivated to look at life in a different way and change my situation and my family.