"Now I can hire other youngsters", states Chepard Manuel Eugénio

ChepardMy name is Chepard Manuel Eugenio, I'm 27 years old and I am a Construction technician, a graduate from Nhamatanda Vocational School.

Chepard tells he has gone through difficult moments prior to establish himself in the labor market as a professional, since he was not finding a steady job.

After the training I had great difficulty entering the labor market. Always got temporary 3 to 4 months jobs but my goal was and is to get a steady job in my vocational area, he says.

After a period of uncertainty, Chepard decided to be an entrepreneur. I could get a craftsman civil builder permit for medium-sized construction. With the acquisition of the license I managed to get rehabilitation and medium-sized construction jobs (...) I notice now the benefits of the vocational school training and the fact that I learnt to be an entrepreneur.

Because of the success he is having as an entrepreneur, Shepard is already thinking about expanding his business and therefore hiring other young men from his area of activity.

Now I can hire other youngsters, technicians from the same area of training to enhance the technical capacity of the micro-enterprise and quality of my work. My parents are proud of me as well as my siblings. I have backed up my family in solving the day-to-day problems.

My thanks to ADPP Vocational School-for the quality of training it has provided me, he concludes.

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