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“The Positive Living Club was created to improve our health!"

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"Bendito Dzeco, 48, member of Positive Living Club of Mwamatibwana”.

Almost a dozen of men and women with their hoes in hand prepare the land in the collective machamba (vegetable garden), created 3 years ago by the Positive Living Club of Mwamatibwana. There, they plant and harvest lettuces, tomatoes, onions, cabbage and sweet potatoes. Usually, a part of the production is sold to cover the normal costs, and the other part is distributed by the Club members and their families, so that they can improve their nutrition.

It is still early, the sun rose around 4 hours ago, but the work is reaching its end, such is the heat felt by all. “But it’s the way it is, we come to work in the Club’s vegetable garden whether it rains or shines”, says Bendito Dzeco, and he proceeds: “we are very proud of this vegetable garden because now we know the importance of nutrition. And to treat diseases, such as the HIV/AIDS, we need good food to enhance the power of the treatments.”

Bendito, like the other 14 members of the Positive Living Club of Mwamatibwana, does not work only at the vegetable garden. They gather regularly to present and discuss others topics, such as nutrition, economy and how to increase the income of each family, the HIV/AIDS and how it can be avoided or decreased, and even the Club organization. “For instance, now we are considering selling almost all of our production so that we can rent a tractor to help us increase the size of the vegetable garden”, says Bendito, emphasizing that it is a collective decision of the Club members and it has the support of the TCE Field Officers.

In fact, a Field Officer of Manhiça is there with the Club members, and he is also using a hoe, giving some help, and giving the example. It was the Manhiça TCE that implemented the 24 existing Positive Living Clubs in the district.