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FFK Relina Novela- Relina Novela, member of Massalada producers’ association of Pedreira

The partnership between Massalada association, which I belong to, and Pedreira Primary School, is of mutual gains and it must continue. If on one side, we offer our labour for activities like weeding, seeding, harvests and irrigation, we benefit from the technic assistance, as there is one specialized technic working at the farm, and they give us water to irrigate, provided by the motor pump installed there”, described Relina Novela.

Relina Novela is 53 years old, a member of an association called Massalada that counts with 40 members who explore a place of 2ha close to the Pedreira Primary School. The members of association are producing various cultures, especially vegetables, and have benefited from the school support.

One of the biggest gains of this partnership will be the access to irrigation and the new techniques of planting and cultivation, which will allow us to expand the area and increase the productivity. “Due to the lack of water, since we were using watering cans, we could only exploit a small area. Another aspect, which will allow us to increase our harvest, is the method that we are now using of planting in lines and with uniform spacing, which is the new method we learnt at school farm.”

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