We are successfully achieving our dream to diversify the nutrition of children

FFK Fidelio Pelembe2-Fidélio Pelembe, the headmaster of Pedreira Primary School

"With the strong participation of the students in the farm production, they learn to give value to the food that their parents provide, that is, they are learning by doing, looking at a plant being planted and are accompanying its growing process. That opens their minds and makes them appreciate the agricultural production. Besides, they also learn about the importance of food diversification and diet", he considered.

The level of dropout drastically reduced and, proportionally, the level of progress increased as the result of the greater participation of students in lessons. The past scenery of hunger at home and in school, forced some of the students to decide whether to go to school hungry or instead work, for example sell firewood or charcoal, to earn some money and buy food for the family.

Many children fell asleep in the classroom because of hunger, but, with the help of our partner ADPP and their partners from America (USDA e Planet Aid), we established the farm where we grow potato, sweet potato, beetroot, onion, maize, cabbage, carrot, lettuce, cassava, tomato and fruits like banana. We sell any surplus produced and this helps us to pay small expenses”, he commented.

Our interlocutor told us that the nutritional impact of introduction of the farm is visible to the naked eye by the appearance of their students, who no longer show any characteristics of bad nutrition. Besides that, in coordination with the local health centre, they carry out various lectures and any children showing signs of malnutrition are taken to the health centre to receive additional care.

In the last surveys that we carried out, we didn’t detect any cases of malnutrition. This can be the direct result of the establishment of the farm, taking into account that what we produced has variety of nutrients that help the children to overcome many health problems which they were facing”, he reiterated.

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