FFK is our father and our hope - Etelvina Mahubo, Mother of FFK child beneficiary

FFK Etelvina2Saquina António is a fourth-grade student at the Mungazine Primary School in Matutuine district, Maputo Province, but lives in Katembe district, Maputo City, having to walk about 6 kilometers daily to and from school. Saquina studies in the neighboring district given the proximity to her home, since she lives within the boundaries of her district.

Studying in Mungazine has been a huge challenge for this eleven-year-old child due to distance, in fact, this factor, combined with poor nutrition, have contributed to the delay that Saquina registers at school, according to Saquina's mother,  Etelvina Mahubo.

With the emergence of the School Feeding Program, one of the problems that contributed to her daughter's school dropout, which was a lack of motivation and sometimes hunger, was eliminated. "She is late because she failed in two classes because she was late to school and missed some subjects and also because she did not pay enough attention to what the teacher taught. That must reflect hunger, but it's not because I did not give her food at home, but because she had to eat very early before leaving or on her return from school."

Etelvina told us that she leaves home very early every day to Maputo, where she buys products to be resell at the local market. It is a very complicated and tiring, since it involves climbing three means of transport, among them an open truck, a boat and a minibus, on both trips, going and coming back. This marathon, which strips her from home very early, has not allowed her to have more control over the time when the daughter leaves home and if she eats.

"I have once come back home and found her playing and she claimed that she was late and could not go to school anymore, but now things have changed. Since she is part of a club at her school and participates in the gardens, she spends a lot of time there and she now likes studying, which makes me happy", she says.

Saquina's active participation in school is because of the FFK program, according to her mother, that has revolutionized the way children, parents and the school's own management view the school itself. "Today we do not look at school as a place where our children will just study. The school is today an active arm of our communities. It is there where we fetch water, our children have meals, they learn to make gardens and other complementary activities".

As a result of the importance of schools covered by FFK, Etelvina became a member of the School Board, a body made up from members of the community in which the school is situated and which is also composed of the School Board and some parents and guardians. In fact, this is why she is part of the volunteers who make porridges for school meals.

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