We have increased the income and we improved the diet

PrimSch Pedro Tembe1- Pedro Tembe, the Chairman of the School Council, outgoing

The establishment of this farm broke the paradigm that we had - that the parents are the ones who teach their children. This belief was very strong here in our area, where some of us have been practicing agriculture for many years”, Alberto Tembe, the outgoing Chairman of the School Council.

Only after seeing that in the school farm it was possible to produce big quantities in the same space, comparing to that of Massalada association, they understood the importance of teaming up with the school and learn the secrets of those new techniques. At the same time they understood the importance of their participation in the school farm, to share their experience in production, and in this way ensure that children have food.

“With this partnership, we increased our production and we improved our diet, however one of our biggest preoccupations is to pass on to our children the understanding that the land is important. They have to grow up knowing that the food they eat comes from our land and that in order to have it, it is necessary to work hard, prepare the land, seed, water and take care of the production”, he concluded.

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