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“I am involved in the sale of ADPP’s clothes to help the people”, says Marei Massaite

2HC Marei4Marei Massaite accompanied his father since he was 15 years old – a big ADPP’s second-hand clothes merchant, in Chimoio, where he was born, and also in Manica. After having helped his father in a business that allowed him to have a family with 6 children studying, build 2 houses, and be a prosperous businessman, Marei followed his example and embraced the cooperation with ADPP himself, firstly as volunteer, in Total Epidemic Control (AIDS), and later as responsible for the Second-Hand Clothes Bulk Sale Center, in the city of Beira.

Note that our job is not only to sell quality second-hand clothes. It’s much more than that: we help families to improve their lives. We teach them the business when they start. We show them how to make a profit in the sales of the clothes they buy from us, so that they can grow the business. We accompany their activities in the markets where they sell…”, says Marei, confident in the service provided by the team he leads.

I usually say that it’s from this business that people’s houses are built, this is what allows children to get schooled without problems, to have uniforms, books, and bookcases. And I also know that it’s thanks to this business that many of our clients have good machambas, besides the ones who help at the sales stalls”.

Besides the 10 workers who work at the central station for bulk selling, Jorge highlights the more than 100 workers and respective families.

Who work in the clothes processing Center, just outside town, and the nearly 20 who work in the retail shops. “there are a lot of families who, otherwise, would have to do odd jobs or, some, would have become criminals” and who, thanks to the work we provide them, have a very dignified and active life, serving thousands of people who are able to wear good clothes at affordable prices”.

At 31 years of age, married, father of a 10 year old girl, Marei is not a man with many doubts: “I do my job for one single reason: to help the people of Mozambique!