Viegas Jorge, a life built by selling second-hand clothes

2HC ViegasDuring the last 17 years, Viegas Jorge, born in Maganja da Costa, in Zambezia, already gave jobs to dozens of employees, and, above all, built his own life and his family’s by selling ADPP’s second-hand clothes.

I am very proud of my stall because it is one of the biggest here in the market (Munhava, in Beira), and because it’s the one that attracts more clients”, says Viegas Jorge, with a smile. Now, at 48, he doesn’t deny that the clients’ taste has changed. “You know, now the ladies want a shorter top, the men want shorts below the knee… tastes are changing. And that is a good thing. I don’t sell less because the ADPP’s clothes are also changing, according to what people like and want”, he states, only to add assertively: “the only thing that does not change it’s the quality!”.

Many of the old Viegas Jorge’s employees are today his competitors, and have opened sale stalls to sell ADPP’s clothes. But for him, “there is space for all! Look, when I started I had 3 or 4 competitors. Now they are 10 times more, but there is space for all because people are buying more and more quality second-hand clothes”.

In all these years, Viegas Jorge got married, built a house for the family, and fathered 5 children, four of which are still studying. “To manage to pay for my children studies and not to owe anything to anybody is what makes me happy. And that I owe to the ADPP’s clothes that I sell!”, he concludes.