At 23 years old, Alcina is the sole provider for her husband and 3 children

2HC AlcinaThe Chiveve Bridge is a small market at the back of some of the most modern buildings in central Beira. That’s where Alcina Mateus, 23 years old, sells ADPP’s children clothes.

At a stall full of dresses, shorts, and other colorful clothing items, Alcina says: “this was the business I found to provide for my family!” Tired of unsuccessfully looking for work in other places, Alcina had the help of a cousin to start in the clothes business.

My husband is unemployed, and my children are very small. Without this business they would cry from hunger”, she tells, with sadness in her voice, but quickly getting excited again: “Fortunately, I started selling last year! I go to ADPP to buy a bale of clothes per week, I already have my loyal clients, and also new ones who are starting to appear”.

With a face still juvenile, almost innocent, Alcina is, however, a determined woman: “I will keep selling ADPP’s children clothes. These are the clothes I like to sell because they guaranty a good income, and to save a bit of what is left, that I intend to spend in the education of my children. I want them to be schooled, not to be like me, who didn’t study”, she adds, concluding: “and I’m not going to give up until I build a house for the whole family”.