Jaime Quintal, bringing good quality clothes to poor people

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2HC Jaime QuintalWhenever I sell a pair of trousers, a shirt, or any other type of clothing from my stall, I know I’m contributing to the wellbeing of someone. The second hand clothes of ADPP are strong and good-looking, and they cost less than half of the clothes sold in the shops,” assures Jaime Quintal, a 35-year-old wholesale vendor from Chimoio, Manica Province, who has been engaged in this area of activity for years.

My clients are poor. Poor like me, when I still worked on my farm and only wanted to find a way out to offer a better future for myself and my family,” he continues.

Married and father of five children, Jaime now leads a prosperous life. But this was not always the case. Barely had he finished the 7th grade when he had to put his personal dreams aside and grab a hoe to work at the family farm that needed his strong arms to ensure the family’s daily bread.

At that time, I used to go to the city every now and then to buy a shirt or a pair of shoes. It was during these trips that I began thinking: If there are others making their living through selling clothes, why can’t I as well?’” And so in 2000, Jaime bought his first bale of clothes from ADPP and began his business.

“So this is how I started selling “calamity” clothes, as they call it – even though for me they are rather “ADPP clothes”. In the beginning it was out of necessity, but soon enough I started liking it. And today I enjoy my work so much that I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!” he laughs.

Jaime sells his clothes at the Chimoio market, where he is very popular and respected. “I have a set of regular customers and then there are those who can only afford a piece of clothing from time to time,” he explains.

My secret is that when a new bale arrives, I send a message to all of my regular customers so that they know when visit my stall. They then spread the news to their family and friends. This is how I am never out of customers.

The decade and a half of selling ADPP second hand clothes has guaranteed a living for the whole family and allowed Jaime to buy a piece of land and build a cement house on it.

There is a lot of work, but it doesn’t tire me because it is a challenge I chose for myself and I think that it is important to sell quality clothes to people who otherwise would not have access to it,” he concludes.