Irrigation system improving production

FC DomingosMy name is Domingos Albano Andicene, I'm 26 years old, married and father of two. President of Nhamacherene Club, since 2014. Before joining the project I was not happy, my life was difficult.

I had a small field where I grew maize, sesame seeds, and beans in small plots of land and the vegetable garden where I grew tomatoes, cabbage and onions. These crops were only for family consumption. But for the past two years my life has changes since the joining of the project. I have learned a lot here at the Association, the technician, Micas Xavier has participated a lot in this through the lessons he has given me and the Association in general. Our farm has 1 hectare, and is divided into small plots for 50 members.

Domingos said, "before I had the irrigation system, it was difficult to produce vegetables because the problem of lack of water affected production a lot and as a consequence the harvest was reduced and I could not sell to have money and support my family. The system is a great victory not only for the Club but for the community of Nhamacherene as well, they do not travel long distances to get to a market to buy vegetables, they come here in Nobas field and also I do not moved because the surrounding community comes to buy here in the Association that is good as it decreases labor of having to move to the market to sell".

The irrigation system in addition to benefiting the Club also directly benefits the community through the use of water for drinking, washing dishes, washing clothes and other activities. "The ADPP-Farmer's Club has set out to make a difference to my life and my family. Because besides being a father to my children I am also the father to my mother and brothers. They rely on my help to survive. My mother does not have a husband and lives with me, I have 2 brothers who study at the secondary school in Vila Sede of Caia, they depend on me to support the school expenses, school uniforms, food and other expenses and rent for the house they live in. I am very happy, because of the help that ADPP has given me and the Association, I have worked hard to earn and support the family".