The production of vegetable gardens creates hope in the Curungo community

FC EnoqueThe production of vegetables being carried in the district of Nicoadala in Zambézia province, brought hope to the community of Curungo. Thanks to the Farmer's Club project, implemented by ADPP Mozambique with funding from the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA), small scale farmers in the community of Curungo have increased their area of cultivation, thereby bringing more income to their families.

"I have been a member of the Curungo Farmers Club since its inception 3 years ago and a horticultural producer for more than 7 years but I used to produce in small quantities. When I joined the farmer's club, I’ve learnt a lot on the production of vegetable garden and its benefits." - says Enoque Domingos Vasco, a 22-years-old farmer.

Enoque says that he learned about better gardening techniques through ADPP technicians and through this he increased his production area to about 0.5 hectare.

The produce is sold in Licuar and Quelimane markets, very often buyers go personally to the community farms, due to the quality of the produce and the publicity made in the product information and pricing chart.

"During the time I have been producing vegetables, I was always anxious to acquire a water pump to irrigate my vegetable garden. Last year I produced several horticultural crops, including lettuce, pepper, carrot and cabbage, and I was able to sell and earn 43,500.00 Mt. In December I was able to buy a water pump which I’m already using in my vegetable garden".

"I am building an improved house, and I hope that with the 2017 production I can produce more and continue supporting my children and brother in school. I am very grateful for the existence of the Farmers Club Project, and I hope it continues to support more families to increase their income".