Breaking the yoke of illiteracy - The story of 53 year old Nzai

LITERACIAThrough the adult literacy program brought by the Farmers Club project, Nzai, a 53 year woman from Funanani village in Caia has stood against all odds and taboos to learn to use the power of the pen to enhance her life skills and secure improved livelihoods.

My name is Nzai. I am 53 years old. I am a member of Funanani club, in the Phaza locality under the administrative post of Caia, Sofala Province. I started participating in the farmers’ club created by ADPP after being mobilized by project leaders Marieta and Orlando who carry out community mobilization work in my village.

As a club member, I learnt a lot of new cultivation techniques that have helped me improve my yields. With proceeds I obtain from selling my produce, I am able to buy school materials, food and clothes.

During my childhood, I did not have access to education. I used to see other girls of my age going to school but my father would not allow me to join them in going to school when I had the rightful school going age. My father would tell me to stay home, and help my mother with the cooking, washing of dishes, and working in the field. I developed interest in learning how to read and write but I did not have the opportunity to do so.

Through the literacy program in the ADPP Farmers’ Club project, I am taught how to read and write. I am very happy because I able to write my name properly. I am also able to count and negotiate prices when I sell my produce.