"The irrigation system gave us hope"

FC Isabel Casimiro- Isabel Cassimo, member of the Farmers' Club in Muziva

It is hot and rain is scarce in Nicoadala, many farmers are worried about crops that are drying up. However, for the Muziva Farmers' Club peasants, the reality is different. Thanks to the irrigation system installed, their fields feature a green that rekindles the hope of having a good harvest.

If it were not for the irrigation system that ADPP, through the Farmers Club project installed here in our fields, our crops would not have been able to withstand drought, we can now say that we have saved production” says Isabel Cassimo, a member of the Muziva Farmers' Club.

The system, consisting of a tank, and taps scattered across the field according to Isabel, transformed the lives of the farmers who had mostly given up hope of having a good harvest in 2016.

A lot has changed; we are motivated to come to work because we know that a good harvest is guaranteed.

In addition to the irrigation system, Field Officers of the Farmers' Club have facilitated short trainings in which better farming techniques are transmitted so that farmers can have better results in their harvests.