"I am proud to have been trained at EPF" - Joana Mateus Ndalinda, trainee student

EPF Joana2After seeing a friend graduate from EPF, the desire to become a teacher was also born in me. I rolled up my sleeves and studied to enter this training school. It was a decision I made and today, as I look at my internship students, I feel I made the right choice.

At first I did not know what the training was like, but as soon as the classes started I became even more interested, so today I'm more and more willing to finish the course and start teaching, this time in a nutshell.

The first time I had contact with the children during the internship, I confess that I had a certain fear of not being accepted but over time I gained more confidence and began to implement some tactics seized in the classroom.

When I got there I found children who could not read or write, they were separated from the rest. I put them together and today they already know how to read and write very well!

For all that is happening in my life I want to thank ADPP Mozambique because it trains teachers with skills and quality. I feel proud to have been eductrained at EPF.

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