"Where there are children I will be there to teach" - Marcos Félix João, trainee student

EPF Marcos2My dream has always been to become a teacher for that reason, soon as I completed the 12th year I enrolled myself at a teacher training college. When I arrived in Maputo to begin my training, I did not imagine anything that was to come. New city, new people and a different training model than I imagined.

Since I started training until today, my mind has been opening up and I am now a different man, I have been able to face my fears and face challenges, so today, I can say that I am ready to be a good teacher for my students.

My internship is going very well, today I can stand in front of the students and teach a class as it should be.

After finishing my training I will be able to work anywhere in this country, because where there are children I will be there to teach.

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