Meet Sarmento Preco

Project Leaders Serving the People


"The primary role of a Project Leader is to serve. He or she is there to serve the project and its members so that they in turn can serve the communities in which they operate,” says Sarmento Simões Preço, ADPP Project Leader since 1991 and Director of the ADPP Teacher Training College since 2007.

“This brings with it a great responsibility,” he adds. “It means to use the freedom given to develop one’s own initiatives in the best possible manner, in an open and two-way collaboration with the local communities and the project staff. This is far from the traditional project structures where the objectives and means of the activities often come from outside and the people implementing the project are not connected with the local community.”

The ADPP project staff, including the Project Leader, is from the local community and live within the community for the whole duration of the project, explains Sarmento. “In this way, they not only share the everyday life with the communities and thereby better understand their problems, they also gain the confidence and support of the local population.”

After over 23 years of experience, Sarmento Preço is convinced that a Project Leader holds a powerful position in the development of the country. “Working as a Project Leader means that you are actually changing people's lives for the better in a very concrete way,” he states. “And this can only happen together with them, working shoulder-to-shoulder with them.”

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